Nesting Layouts in MVC


I try to contribute to the MVC section on the forums and I sometimes see interesting questions about things I think are either obvious or that I’ve just not thought to do. This post is one such scenario: nesting layouts in MVC (master pages for WebForms people looking over the fence at MVC). Sounds […]

Entity Framework – Model binding private properties


I’ve recently started looking on the forums and answering a few questions here and there which led me to this scenario of binding private properties in Entity Framework. The basics of the problem were as follows: MVC application storing data via Entity Framework into a database (lets face it, its going to be SQL […]

Trouble uninstalling sharepoint 2013 hosted app

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I recently (this afternoon) had a problem with a local sharepoint 2013 install.  It was refusing to install apps fully then also refused to uninstall those failed installs.  Turns out my setup was missing the App Management proxy and I hadn’t configured the CNAME record for the application subdomain properly (it was pointing to the […]

could not be started because the hypervisor is not running


Hypervisor is not running – blaming BCD I’ve recently been hit with the “could not be started because the hypervisor is not running” error.  I’ve attributed it to my new Windows Server 2012 install which is set to dual boot with my Windows 8 Pro install. The error goes on to give 3 explanations of why […]

How to install Hyper-V on Windows 8 Pro


This is just a quick note to anyone who want to start with Hyper-V but can’t find it in the start menu. I had to search for how to install Hyper-V as I didn’t realise it wasn’t enabled by default, it took more than one search too as most sites advertising “Getting started with Hyper-V” […]