This site has been created to explore ventures other than the core freelancer work that just about occupies most of my time. It may eventually turn into a specialist company but for the time being its a sounding board for ideas and possibilities. Along with some humour as everyone needs to laugh more.

The first iteration will be tracking my eclectic research into some obscure languages (well obscure for a die-hard Windows programmer). I’m currently running Windows, OS X and Linux boxes, so it only seems right to write code for the ones with an x in their names, the little unix descendants. Speaking of which, RIP Dennis Ritchie.

About one year on

Well its been over a year now since I left Sector 7G. All the grand ideas about learning Haskell and Scala were ignored so I could help a mate out while earning some pocket money to fuel my rocket bikes. PHP, WordPress, CSS and Javascript have been my playground, along with some ASP.net & Enterprise Framework. Not satisfied with messing about with all that, I also started switching between Linux and Windows 7 and ultimately upgrading to Windows 8 to find my preferred OS X replacement (now Apple have started their decline into shareholder concerned mediocrity). Windows 8 is pretty nice, a couple of annoying things but on the most part, Microsoft have done a good job.

What with the unexpected tech excursion and the worst British summer on record since that time when it rained so hard the records were washed out to sea, I fear the Functional programming route will be limited to F# only now.

Since I was only going to take 3 months off work, the extra 9 so far and counting have been interesting. I’m just not ready to give this freedom up yet, even for the seductive calls of cold, filthy cash (mmm cold, filthy cash, come to me, come to me now!).

Next up after me and my friend fix his particularly annoying Linux VPS intermittent networking troubles (I’m still blaming the hosts shoddy switches), I’m going to do a project with Sharepoint. There may be the possibility of more Sharepoint jobs to come too. I guess I’ll decide whether that’s a good thing or not after the first is completed. With my new Sharepoint and ASP.net MVC skills along with my considerable c# history, I should still be relevant in the work force, when/if I decide to go back…