Altering the site, removing twitter

I’ve decided the twitter feed doesn’t really fit into this site. Its part of my life but nothing to do with my love of technology.  The link to it will still be in the site’s original post but will be removed from the footer.  I’ll replace it with a tech specific feed once I’ve set it up.  This way I’ll be able to post more to the site as I learn snippets of info rather than dedicating a full post to a new library I’ve discovered or syntactic sugar I’ve stumbled upon.

I’m down to the last week with my current client, its an exciting time as I can dedicate much more time into new technology rather than being pegged back by .net 2.0 which the client is currently sticking with.  Don’t get me wrong, I love C# 2.0, I just want more.  I look on enviously at Ruby and Scala for programmer time savings.

1 thought on “Altering the site, removing twitter”

  1. me says:

    New twitter feed created, @bitesizecode, which fits in to the site perfectly. It allows me to quickly add something of interest. I’ll maybe see if I can do something smarter with it than just have it kicking out tweets in the footer though. After this week I’ll have time on my hands so will have a look at reading from twitter and placing into WordPress’ database as a new type of post. Look doesn’t always result in accomplish though, not in my lexicon anyway.

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