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Nesting Layouts in MVC


I try to contribute to the MVC section on the forums and I sometimes see interesting questions about things I think are either obvious or that I’ve just not thought to do. This post is one such scenario: nesting layouts in MVC (master pages for WebForms people looking over the fence at MVC). Sounds […]

Entity Framework – Model binding private properties


I’ve recently started looking on the forums and answering a few questions here and there which led me to this scenario of binding private properties in Entity Framework. The basics of the problem were as follows: MVC application storing data via Entity Framework into a database (lets face it, its going to be SQL […]

EasyPHP codetester remote exploit


After my little IE/Apache bug excursion I decided to join the EasyPHP forum. I use EasyPHP as my private development setup when on Windows. I’ll maybe move over to CentOS under Hyper-V as some point. Back on topic, while browsing through the articles related to the latest release, I discovered an interesting one by forum […]

Back doing c#

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Just learned a new feature, well new to me, don’t know how long its been in the framework. Using an @ before a keyword lets you use that keyword as a symbol, so its as if it turns off keyword checking for just that keyword. This sounds like a bad idea but if you are […]