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Entity Framework – Model binding private properties


I’ve recently started looking on the forums and answering a few questions here and there which led me to this scenario of binding private properties in Entity Framework. The basics of the problem were as follows: MVC application storing data via Entity Framework into a database (lets face it, its going to be SQL […]

EasyPHP codetester remote exploit


After my little IE/Apache bug excursion I decided to join the EasyPHP forum. I use EasyPHP as my private development setup when on Windows. I’ll maybe move over to CentOS under Hyper-V as some point. Back on topic, while browsing through the articles related to the latest release, I discovered an interesting one by forum […]

IE freezes when requesting an EasyPHP/Apache hosted page


The problem, IE freezes I’ve recently noticed a trend on Windows PCs, if you can call 3 PCs a trend, whereby IE freezes when requesting an EasyPHP/Apache hosted page. This doesn’t affect the other browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Its just Internet Explorer, so simplistic logical thinking brought me to the conclusion “if IE […]

CSS font-family fallback rules don’t cascade down


The last website I created I decided to check if something I assumed to be true actually was.  Do CSS font-family fallback rules cascade down, i.e. if you have a body font-family declared then have a special web font for a title, will the body font be used if the web font was unavailable.  The […]

Custom posts not avaiable for menu

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Here’s a quick solution if your WordPress custom post types (CPT) aren’t available for selection in the menu editor: In the menu editor screen, at the top right is a “Screen Options” drop down, click on that and check each CPT you want to be able to add. If your CPT isn’t there, goto the […]