Is scala the platform of choice?

Trying to determine which platform will be best to move into is hard.  Scala, Node.js or Go. Then there’s the mighty Rails which seems to be running out of steam (just from what I’m reading lately, I’m not predicting its doom just yet). Rails should still provide contract opportunities for years to come and I’m okay with Ruby right now.

At the moment, since I’m going to learn Scala anyway it has a possible one-up on the others and I like how it can be run on Dalvik for a easy transition to Android app development.  Then again, what can’t run on Dalvik anymore…  I thought it stood for Scalable Java but its Scalable Language (I wasn’t far out).

The one thing I noticed was that Go is incredibly efficient from benchmark figures I’ve seen.  I’ll maybe try them all and write some benchmarks/observations of my own.  Its going to be fun playing with all this tech.  I hope it is anyway…

Sidenote: twitter feed is running fine now, my iPhone warned me about something to do with my image(?) when I used it this morning, maybe there was an actual problem with twitter?!?