8 days with Windows 8

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So its been a full 8 days that I’ve wholeheartedly moved over to Windows 8, the Mac barely gets booted, the only thing on there now is my business documents and calendar entries. I’ll have to see about migrating iCal to the built-in Windows calendar which I’m guessing is’s calendar app. So far its, […]

EasyPHP codetester remote exploit


After my little IE/Apache bug excursion I decided to join the EasyPHP forum. I use EasyPHP as my private development setup when on Windows. I’ll maybe move over to CentOS under Hyper-V as some point. Back on topic, while browsing through the articles related to the latest release, I discovered an interesting one by forum […]

IE freezes when requesting an EasyPHP/Apache hosted page


The problem, IE freezes I’ve recently noticed a trend on Windows PCs, if you can call 3 PCs a trend, whereby IE freezes when requesting an EasyPHP/Apache hosted page. This doesn’t affect the other browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Its just Internet Explorer, so simplistic logical thinking brought me to the conclusion “if IE […]

CSS font-family fallback rules don’t cascade down


The last website I created I decided to check if something I assumed to be true actually was.  Do CSS font-family fallback rules cascade down, i.e. if you have a body font-family declared then have a special web font for a title, will the body font be used if the web font was unavailable.  The […]

Custom posts not avaiable for menu

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Here’s a quick solution if your WordPress custom post types (CPT) aren’t available for selection in the menu editor: In the menu editor screen, at the top right is a “Screen Options” drop down, click on that and check each CPT you want to be able to add. If your CPT isn’t there, goto the […]