Incron timeout causes slow boot up


Previous incron setup I found out much to my annoyance that setting up incron to run as a service isn’t quite as easy as I thought as I’ve been suffering with really slow boot ups due to an incrond timeout.  Previously I had issued the following commands to get incron to run as a service/daemon. […]

VMM qemu stuck in a saved state – part 2 – macvtap

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Scroll to bottom of post for the summary of my slightly better way to recover a saved state qemu VM that refuses to boot. After today’s software updates, including a new kernel, I was asked to restart and promptly did so, again forgetting about my running VM server.  When I came to start up the […]

Adding to the Gnome 3 menu

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Aptana 3 is a breath of fresh air compared to to my highly customised GEdit install. Don’t get me wrong GEdit is a great text editor but I prefer the snuggly embrace of an IDE rather than using lots of separate tools. The only problem with Aptana so far, on my Fedora 16 install at least, […]


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So I’ve finally got incron working, although for a while I forgot I had removed it from the services (not sure why I did that now?!?) before my upgrade to Fedora 16. So, a quick service incrond start chkconfig incrond on later (well not so quick as the service command failed to return, I shoved […]

Simple CSS logical AND trick I never knew


I never really thought about how to logically AND two classes however I stumbled across it this evening.  Its obvious really once you think about how classes are targeted for a particular element type. Given the html <div class=”one two”>…</div> <div class=”one three”>…</div> <p class=”one more”>…</p> To style just the “one” divs the CSS is […]