VMM qemu stuck in a saved state

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Through trial and error I’ve learned how to get a guest OS in the Virtual Machine Manager (QEMU) working after it gets stuck in a saved state. This probably works for any linux install but I was using Fedora 16. My first attempt was to use a clone of the machine and then change the […]

Back doing c#

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Just learned a new feature, well new to me, don’t know how long its been in the framework. Using an @ before a keyword lets you use that keyword as a symbol, so its as if it turns off keyword checking for just that keyword. This sounds like a bad idea but if you are […]

Altering the site, removing twitter


I’ve decided the twitter feed doesn’t really fit into this site. Its part of my life but nothing to do with my love of technology.  The link to it will still be in the site’s original post but will be removed from the footer.  I’ll replace it with a tech specific feed once I’ve set […]

Simoncelli Dead, RIP Marco

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As soon as I spotted his helmet bouncing down the track I knew it was very bad.  He was an unbelievable talent and one of the few that could have taken it to Casey Stoner in the next few years.  I’ve watched other racers crash and die but Simoncelli was the first where I was […]

3 languages in 3 weeks, goodbye prolog hello scala

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I’ve finally finished Prolog.  Its taken longer than I thought due to things at work getting a bit rowdy and my inability to sort a list for what seemed like an eternity. It took the best part of a day, so for my test case of 6 elements it was pretty poor.  Prolog is not […]