Sector 7G final month second week

Well its the start of T minus 3 weeks until I leave Sector 7G for good. Homer has been quite lethargic today, I’m guessing its his growth hormone cocktail or whatever it is that he takes which is affecting him.

I’m not sure he’ll survive 3 more weeks, it would be a fitting end for him to die while I was still here but I don’t want that to happen. He is after all a friend, if a little odd at times.

I can’t motivate myself to look at prolog today, SEO was an interesting break at lunch but it seems frustrating. Why can’t you just see what everyone is querying on easily and for free? Its yet another subject I know bits about but nowhere near enough. I just don’t think I have time to learn though.

Must get through today’s exercises on prolog so I can finally start with Scala this week. At least there is peace and quiet in Sector 7G now that half the team have left.