Simoncelli Dead, RIP Marco

As soon as I spotted his helmet bouncing down the track I knew it was very bad.  He was an unbelievable talent and one of the few that could have taken it to Casey Stoner in the next few years.  I’ve watched other racers crash and die but Simoncelli was the first where I was actually shocked to see it.

I’ve just seen how it happened, looked like Simoncelli’s bike folded on the white line of the kerb, re-gripped when it was on its side and then drove the bike right into the path of Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi.  I feel sorry for the both of them as they rode into/over Simoncelli as his bike was pushing him from left to right across the track. Its definitely not their fault but you know they’ll feel terrible.

RIP Marco, you were a star and will be missed from the grid.