The beginning of the end

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Its time to start planning for the end of life in my very own Sector 7G.  I’ve worked there 6 and a half years yet have only been exposed to the craziness of Homer for about a year, maybe two.  Its testament to his ramblings and craziness that I forget how long it is, it seems like forever.  Anyhow, the twitter feed will soon run out of tweets as Homer is moved into his new team and I leave the sector completely.

I plan on using this to keep track of my rehabilitation into normal society again and as form of computer extended memory (Apple will no doubt name it iMemory) to remind me what I want to do and what I have done.  Its the public face of my memory  as I use the excellent Evernote for my GTD/ToDo list.  Just in case anyone who knew me from Sector 7G is interested, Evernote is not where I keep the hate list or kill list, sorry to spoil the illusion but they don’t really exist…